Animated series for kids, 26×26 minutes, 8-12 years old.

« Boringtown, little town in the English country, seemingly very, very calm.

But in secret, three extraordinary kids save the inhabitants each day from a strange enemy : horrible monsters, coming illegally from another dimension to invade Earth…

The heroic teamleader is Victorine, last descendant of an old monsters’ hunters family, and she is helped by Marcus the squeleton – « a skinny boy » according to neighboors – and the small, cute, but terrifying werewolf : Leon !

Between classes, without worrying Grandma, in time for supper… Follow our heroes in their adventures ! »


A teaser video, produced in 2012 :


Documents (on demand) :

– the press file

– the bible of the project

The project is looking for fonds.


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Teaser and complete team


Bellecour’s Vimeo



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